Tokyo Blue

Tokyo Blue was formed in 2008 by Japanese bassist Hiroaki, Indonesian pianist Ywenna and Malaysian drummer Joshua to compose and perform original instrumental music. This currently Singapore-based band is considered one of Malaysia’s hottest jazz acts and are still actively gigging.

Heavily infuenced by international artists and composers including Hiromi Uehara, Avishai Cohen, Marcus Miller, Joe Hisaishi and more, Tokyo Blue’s music has essences of Jazz, Fusion, Latin, Progressive Rock and even Film music. The trio uses sweet melodies with funky rhythm section and odd meters at times, constantly pushing their limits of jazz writing and improvisation while still keeping the songs melodious and story-full.

While still performing at jazz venues, festivals and private events in Malaysia, after wowing local music lovers and industry veterans with their instrumental forays into jazz, local jazz trio Tokyo Blue stepped it up a notch with debut album ‘The Naked Soul’ which was just released in October 2009, that promises songs that bare the core of their beings and push the edge of experimentation.

The trio has a distinct sound featuring the adventurous bass playing, aggressive yet sensitive piano and rock solid drum beats. The album also includes variety of tunes that re?ect the different sides of their personalities. With the tunes featuring pounding rock riff on piano, mellow fretless bass taking the lead, disco beat with montuno, melodious odd meter piano with double bass, funky latin beats with slap bass and more, Tokyo Blue demonstrates their capabilities to write creative and meaningful tunes, and even to entertain through instrumental music. Each member of the band is an active performer, Ywenna has performed in numerous international jazz and music festivals: South Africa’s Grahamstown National Arts Festival 2010, Ulsan Music Festival 2010(Korea), Swan Festival of Lights, Perth Australia 2010, World Expo Shanghai China 2010.

They recently just performed at Penang Island Jazz Festival 2009 (Malaysia), Jakarta ‘Jazz Goes to Campus’ November 2009 (Indonesia), Bangkok Jazz Festival (Thailand)2009, Jazz Goes to Campus, Indonesia November 2010 and scheduled to perform in Singapore Mosaic Music Festival March 2011.


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    I’m the owner of pinto coffee+ at tanarimba visitor center, janda baik (bukit tinggi) pahang. Would like to invite them to play for our moonlight festival, I need to find out on how to contact them to discuss the availability.



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    Where can I find get a quotation of the band’s basic hiring charge for a one night event?



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