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The Groovers are an international band which was founded in 2008. Altogether, the members bring to the table more than 8 years of experience on the top 40 Bands market.

Some of them have played in China, Korea, Dubai, Bahrain, Indonesia, Abu Dhabi, Malaysia, Thailand, Morocco and Bali is the common ground for this current formation.

Their variety of repertoire goes from Disco to Latin, Rock to Reggae and R&B to Pop, to House music to techno.

With ample of experience The Groovers will put on an outstanding show with quality music and entertainment and high energy performance that will keep the party going.

The Groovers are


Gothson – Guitar, Vocals and band leader – Colombia

A charismatic and versatile leader, Gothson left Colombia in 2004 and has spend the last 7 years playing music in Asia and Middle East. He also brings the Latin flavor to The Groovers if the mood is needed. Always ready to put on a show with explosive guitar solos, Gothson has lots of experience performing in Five star hotels such as Ritz Carlton, Mulia Hotel, Crown Plaza, Ramee International Hotels and Sofitel.

Nicholas – Canada

Started singing since he was fourteen and has never stopped since. Nicholas studied Music at Lionel Groulx College in Canada and has acquired a vast stage experience by touring across Canada with various pop, Rock and cover Bands. He has also toured across Asia and Middle East, working in 5 star hotels. An extremely energetic and gifted crowd entertainer with an impressive vocal range makes it easy for Nicholas to connect with the public.


Lemay- Singer, Guitar, Violin – Cuba

Lemay is known as the jack-of-all-trades of The Groovers. He changes from rocking the guitar to singing and rapping with ease. A high energy entertainer, Lemay’s smooth vocals and and high energy perfromances always gets the crowd pumping.


Saihly- Singer, Rapper – Cuba

A quiet storm is the what comes to mind when Saihly is concerned. The 1st lady of The Groovers is mysterious, wild, composed and commands attention as soon as she sings. She really knows how to draw you into her world. With an ample of experience performing all over Asia and Middle East, Saihly is able to transport you from RnB to Latin Flavors to Rock, keeping you dancing on your feet till the morning lights.

Dave – Keys – New Zealand

Dave is a dedicated musician who started his early years in New Zealand, playing on the local scene. He has been touring around Asia for the last 7 years and knows exactly what the audience wants.

Felix – Bass Player – Canada

Felix the feel man. One of his many charms is his flair. His experience and knowledge of different styles of music has made him a vital member in The Groovers.

Danny – Drums – Indonesia

Winner of the Yamaha Modern drummer as well as the heartbeat of The Groovers, Danny is an outstandingly skilled drummer from Indonesia. He will blow your mind with his acrobatic sticks trick while he is still playing the drums proving that he is far from your conventional drummer.

Combine them all together and you have The Groovers. An energetic, fun-filled, crowd pleasing band that is ideal for events, parties, clubs and hotel entertainment in Asia.

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