The Golden Acrobatic Trio

Acrobatic Trio

Founded in 2004, The Golden Acrobatic Trio are a group of experienced performers from Budapest-Hungary.

The group travels around the world, performing three of their signature acts –

1. The Rock – 8 minutes long
2. Gladiator – 6 minutes long
3. The Mummy – 6 minutes long

acro-tio (2)

The shows are beautifully choreographed golden statue acts which combine static power lifting, hand standing acrobatics, mind blowing tricks, strength and flexibility,all in a perfect balance and harmony.

A glittering mixture of strong masculine power and graceful feminine charm, the three shows are similar in nature but yet they each create a different magical world for the audience.

acro-tio (1)

The golden statues as if by magic come to life for the sounds of the music. Beautiful top class shows which take any event to a higher dimension.

Available for hire, The Golden Acrobatic Trio are perfect for gala’s festivals and events.

The Golden Acrobatic Trio on the Patrick Sebastien Show from Music for London on Vimeo.

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