Noworacka Duo

Afternoon tea with the lounge music, an evening concert straight from the philharmonic and romantic night with music of piazzolla, nino rota, lennon and others famous composers – that’s Noworacka Duo !! Pianist and violinist, two young and beautiful women will ensure every listener will want to hear them again.

The Shadow of Your Smile

What A Wonderful World


Educated in the best polish conservatories will charm you not only senses subtlety but passionate temperament as well. They always want to live up to the most demanding audience so they constantly enrich their repertoire. They perform classical and film music, the well known jazz standards and the popular songs too.

They guarantee experiences to the highest level because they approach to their work in the fully professional. Emanates from them positive enrgy which they share with their listeners. So if you want an unforgettable performance you should choose – the thrilling duo from poland !!!