Musica Popular Brasileira

Musica Popular Brasileira


Musica Popular Brasileira – Xiong, is a guitarist, composer, and arranger that has worked with the likes of Harvey Malaiholo (Indonesian vocalist), Kris Dayanti (Indonesian vocalist), Angelita Li (vocalist from Hong Kong), Jonas Gwanga (jazz trombonist from South Africa), John Kaizan Neptune (an American shakuhachi exponent), Steve Thornton (percussionist from New York), Valtinho Anastacio (a much sought after percussionist from Brazil).

Apart from the run-of-the-mill club gigs, he has performed in various local music festivals, some of which were, the Kuala Lumpur Arts Festival, Sarawak Rainforest Music Festival, Langkawi Arts Festival, Penang Jazz Festival & Sabah Jazz Festival.

His compositions have been recorded by the likes of Asiabeat, the brainchild of Lewis Pragasam. He has composed for various short films and animations.

His music has been described as “mellow, feel-good, laid-back”. His voice on guitar is laconic and softly spoken as the man himself, who favors short sweet phrases, dense chordal modulations, and an occasional yearning guitar solo.

His tone is rich yet unadorned, the warm melodic sound of an unaffected guitar.

In his own words, Xiong is a disciple of Miles “less is more” Davis. The music is mostly meditative, thoughtful and romantic.

Aquarela do Brasil from Music for London on Vimeo.

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