Mike And Ash Duo

Australian Based Duo available Internationally for Long and Short Term Contracts

Mike & Ash perform hits from every era and style with their own special touch. They can produce smooth lounge jazz, beautiful instrumentals to accompany meals and drinks, or lift the energy for dancing and a more party atmosphere with top 40 hits and the best of every decade.

They are characteristically known for their virtuosic performances, contagious energy, constant smiles and ensuring audiences are always enjoying themselves. Flexible and versatile multi instrumentalists Ashley and Michael delight audiences and vary each performance with a range of arrangements from their standard piano and vocals set up, one or two voices, piano and saxophone arrangement and even the occasional piano duet!

Michael and Ashley have performed in countless capacities in bands, recordings and ensembles over the last decade. They were a part of the PPJO Big Band that won the International Big Band Competition in 2002 in Hong Kong.

Professional and flexible Mike & Ash communicate and work closely with a client to ensure they meet and exceed all expectations. Mike & Ash compliment any social setting, whether the client requires tasteful background music, party and dance music or a headline performance these dynamic musicians adapt their song choice and style to suit any audience.

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