Kejaleo Fusion Band

The talent and magic of percussion player Xavi and guitarists Diego and Cristo, Roger on drums, Jordi on bass and Rosalia on Vocals, put them together and you will get a tremendous display of energy that only Kejaleo fusion band can provide.

Having these three outstanding musicians together on stage results in an avalanche of passion, colors and textures that breaks any boundary to give free rein to complex telluric rhythms flavored with massive amount of melodies.

Perfect for corporate events, private functions or parties, Kejaleo Fusion Band will keep you moving to the beat as you dance the night away.


Ardent “Flamenco Cool-Jazz… Diego? Nobody knew him until now…
They softly mix the sacred tradition of this country with modernism style elements. As a result, listeners must do
an effort in order to get this symbiosis.
Cultural ambassadors from the New Spain, we hope you take into account the little Festivals after your “sure”
depart around music halls all over the world.  
-Toll Wood Festival. Süddeutsche Zeitung, Germany

In this country, where famous musicians suddenly appear and, once they become stars they start learning their
job, Diego is an extraordinary case…
Albert Mallofré, La Vanguardia. Spain

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