Jambo Mambo The Kenyan Heroes Acrobat

Jambo Mambo The Kenyan Heroes Acrobat are professional acrobats from Kenya,Nairobi who has performed at various events in countries such as Korea, Russia, Israel, Germany and Turkey.

The group consists of 5-7 individuals who are able to perform the human pyramid, rope skipping, Limbo mambo fire and much more. Their additional skills includes the African dance as well as the ability to converse in English, Russian and Turkish.

Their shows are broken down into two categories of 15 minutes and 45 minutes which can be performed anywhere from clubs, hotels, parks, circuses, to cruise ships.

For those looking for a more engaging and daring performance, Jambo Mambo Kenyan Heroes Acrobat is sure to be the life of the party.

Names of the group members

Elias Jimmy Mkokah
Anthony Jimmy Mkokah
Bawa Ngao Nyalu
Caleb Nyaga Muiya
Mambo Baya Mitsanze
Stephen Thuo Njuguna


2004 – Korea One Month (July) Safaripark
2005 – Russia One Month (Sep – July) Sarakasi
2006 – Germany 3 ½ Month (Feb – June) Tropical Island
2007 – Korea 6 Months (Sep –Feb) Zest Models
2007 – Israel 1 Year-Jevet
2009 – Turkey 6 Months (April – November) Art Event

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