All Female Cigar Rollers

The Cigarettes Cigar Rollers from Music for London on Vimeo.

Cigar Rollers For Events

Cigar Rollers For Hire

The Cigarettes are an all-female cigar rollers for hire.

The reason for the success is the unique dynamic that The Cigarettes brings to the party by showcasing their talent is cigar rolling while diving into the tobacco history.

The best part is that these women are very interactive and knowledgeable, which which helps provide for an interesting event.

Most rollers don’t speak English and when they do, it is often limited. This negatively affects the good intentions that the host wants to give to the affair but this is not the case with the Cigarettes as they are well verse in the English language.

Learn about the history of cigars, tobacco and how it all came to be as the girls work their charm and entertained your guests.

A unique and rare service, these Cigar Rollers are available worldwide and will definitely add a touch of glamour and charm to your event.

The Cigarettes Cigar Rollers are perfect for:

*Corporate events
*Trade Shows
*Weddings*Bachelor parties
*In-Store promotions
*Cigar nights
*Sporting events
*Hospitality suites
*Golf tournaments

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