The band consists of 4 members and has performed together for 3 years in various well known venues. Also, individually they have performed in a small 4-piece band to a large orchestra ensemble. The last venue that they performed was at “Tiff’s Jazz Lounge” at Starhill Gallery, Bukit Bintang. The vast experiences of each band member has contributed to making the band a professional, fun and well diversified band to watch and listen to. The unique talents and specialty of each band member can be seen and heard through their virtuosic performance on-stage. Anything from jazz to rock, EVOLVE is sure to deliver an exciting and Top Notch performance.

Evolve’s Members
Khairul Fahmi Aziz

Designation : Bassist, Guitarist, Programmer, Vocals.
Experience : 10 Years in Music and Performance.
– Performed Alongside Adibah Nor, Sony Annual Dinner 2007
– Educator of Guitar, Drum and Bass, Yamaha One Utama 2006-2007.
– Performed With Roslan Aziz At No Black Tie 2004
– Sessionist For Song “Sama Rasa” On Guitar Sung By “Yassin”, Nst Studios 2001
– Berklee College Of Music Boston, Massachusetts Honorary Scholarship Award Recepient 2000
– Warna Alam Sentral Band Competition 2000(Champion)

Amiruddin Shariff

Designation : Drummer
Experience : 20 Years Experience.
– Crystal Crown Hotel Resident Band, Petaling Jaya
– Subang Golf Club Resident Band
– Concorde Hotel Resident Band, Kuala Lumpur
– Espanda, Jalan P.Ramlee
– Holiday Villa Resident Band, Subang Jaya
– Arena, Sunway Pyramid
– American Dreams, Sri Kembangan
– De Palma Hotel Resident Band, Ampang
– Nerve Resident Band,Kuala Lumpur
– Raintree Club Resident Band, Kuala Lumpur
– Tiff’s Jazz Lounge Resident Band, Bukit Bintang
– Resident Band Shook! Restaurant, Starhill Gallery

Ahmadi Isa

Designation : Saxophone.
Experience : 4 Years In Music And Performance
– Ritz Carlton(2009)
– Kombo Seniudara Royal Malaysian Airforce(2005-2009)
– Royal Lake Club With Centrepage Band(2008)
– Saujana Golf And Country Club With Centrepage Band(2007)
– Resident Band Shook! Restaurant, Starhill Gallery

Mohamed Idham Kassim

Designation : Piano, Keyboards, Vocals.
Experience : 8 Years In Music And Performance
– Band “Kudeita” As Keyboardist
– Band “Gruvjehat” As Keyboardist/Pianist
– “Talking Drums” As Percussionist
– “La Viva” As Keyboardist/Pianist/Vocals
– Nerve Resident Band, Kuala Lumpur
– Tiff’s Jazz Lounge Resident Band, Bukit Bintang
– Resident Band Shook! Restaurant, Starhill Gallery

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  1. Hi My professional name is James Mann [real name James Cerezo] and I’ve been a professional musician all my life. I live in Cairns, Nth Qld Australia, and I’m wanting to live and work in Thailand with a preference for Pattaya [as they have a huge western audience there] I have been there several times as a tourist. I first toured Thailand in 1969 working on all the US bases entertaining the troops. That was thru a Sydney agency [Showgroup Management] which is no longer operating. I toured the country from Chaing Mai to Chanthaburi 3 times with different acts, playing both guitar and bass and doing vocals. You can find me on facebook as “musicmann001”. I do lots of things from record production and arranging to teaching advanced players. I spent 13 years as lead voice and bassist in the resident band at the Cairns International Hotel [5 star] and have been musical director to Allison Durbin [ NZ queen of pop] for 12 years as well as MD for to many people to mention here. I have worked with or for many of the worlds stars EG The Platters [4 yrs] The Black & White minstrels, Ray Charles, Winifred Atwell. Johnny Ray, Roberta Flack and more. I have been a single Dad for the past 15 years and have raised two kids alone, and now would like to get on with my own life and the playing. I can be solo / duo. or a band member. I have no problem with harmonies or writing charts for recording and stage. My style I think is more suited to the western audience hence my preference for Pattaya. I Play Jazz Standards. Latin. Easy listening. I carry 3 guitars, being my beloved Strat. a Jazz, and a nylon string.. I am self taught and can not read more than charts as I am dyslexic, but in a work situation I have never had a problem with this. I have no savings as the last of my money went on raising my kids and I am now a pensioner..Hence I would need a sponsor to arrange the fare, work permit, visa , accommodation etc. I understand many of the cultural differences and have great respect for the people. I have been mentioned in many books on Rock & Roll and entered in The Australian National Archives as a Rock & Roll pioneer. I have spent 35 years as a session player also. I hope you can find a place for me on your books and in Thailand. Please inform me of any work you may have where you need a reliable, professional. I am honest and loyal and can be relied upon to present myself properly. I look forward to hearing from you soon on this matter. Thank you for your time. James Mann

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