Oktoberfest Bavarian Oompah Bands – For Bookings in Asia – September/October 2017

For Oktoberfest Oompah Bands Hire in Asia for 2017, please email info@musicforasia.com or call 006012 5209 411 for more details. There will be a total of four bands available to perform in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines  and Singapore.


Oktoberfest Band 1 – The Disco Fox  Munich Oktoberfest Band – Is a high powered band who play Pop Hits and traditional Oompah German Schlager Music in pure Munich Fashion. The band consist of two super entertaining  ladies and 2 guys with a great sense of humor on and off stage . This band plays yearly in Europe for Various Beer Festivals but will be available in October for Bookings in Asia.  The main front line singer will ensure all your guests will be dancing and the party is remembered by everyone.

Oktoberfest Band – Asia Tour 2014 from Music for London on Vimeo.



Previous Tours: Malaysia 2010, 2011, 2013 & 2014

Bookings for 2015:

17th October 2015 – Sheraton Surabaya

23rd October 2015 – Bauer Malaysia


Oktoberfest Band 2 – Oompah Girls (featured below) – 5 Ladies Dressed in Colourful Oompah Dirndl Dresses performing a combination of traditional Oompah Songs and Modern Pop Songs.  They can be the main stage act or they can perform as a walkabout act for Shopping Centres or Similar.

Oktoberfest Bavarian Oompah Bands from Music for London on Vimeo.


Current Bookings for 2015:

Previous Asia Tours :  Music for Asia – Malaysia, Hong Kong & Singapore – Tour 2013 & 2014



Oktoberfest Band 3  – EMS –  a 5 Piece Full on Modern Party Band with 5 out going guys, who dress in traditional Lederhosens  , they play classic pop and dance tunes. They will get any party going at  very high energy level. Its a Rock Band in Lederhosen.

Oktoberfest Bavarian Oompah Bands from Music for London on Vimeo.

Oktoberfest Bavarian Oompah Bands from Music for London on Vimeo.



Bookings for 2015:

Carlberg Malaysia – KL – October 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th .

Bookings for 2014:

September 24th to October 12th  – Carlsberg Malaysia via Luen Heng

October 17th & October 18th – Indonesia – Summarecon Mal Serpong via MFA

October 22nd – Happy Valley Oktoberfest – Hong Kong Jockey Club via MFA


Oktoberfest Band 4 – Die Dorf Fest is the busiest and most widely travelled Oktoberfest Band – Based in UK, they perform, Oktoberfest Music all year round.  Using Traditional Brass Instruments and maintaining the original Oompah Oktoberfest Sound, performing in traditional Lederhosens, this is a 5 piece band with 4 guys and 2 girl for 2015   who will be happy to out drink any of the guests after their gig. The front man is highly interactive and conducts games  without much props and never fails to the crowd from all ages and walks of life entertained. The band perform traditional Oktoberfest music and up beat pop tunes with a pure German Oktoberfest Sound. For more band details go to www.oompahband.co.uk



Current Bookings in Asia for 2015:

September 17th – GAB Press Event

September 23rd and 24th – Bricks and Barrels KL

September 29th and September 30th – Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Chamber of Commerce

October 2nd – Singapore Cricket Club

October 16th & 17th – Summarecon Mal Serpong – Jakarta Indonesia

Previous Asia Tours include GAB Oktoberfest – 2010 & 2011   Music for Asia – Malaysia & Indonesia Tour 2013


Oompah Girls – A Versatile Band that will ensure your guests have a party to remember


Check Here for Schedule. The band is available for daytime walkabout events as well at shopping malls etc.

Bookings for 2015

Previous Asia Tours include  Oktoberfest – 2013   Music for Asia -South East Asia Tour


Oktoberfest 2014 – Hong Kong


Walkabout Mobile Oompah Band


As a Traditional Walkabout Oompah with a  Modern Twist 

Videos that showcase the Walkabout Band


The Oompah Girls Oktoberfest Band inspire with a colourful program of  traditional, current and past hits. They make an excellent walkabout band for the Oktoberfest Celebrations.  They are professional musicians and have been trained in various Conservatoires in Europe. The band consist of 1 singer, 1 saxophonist,  a guitarist, keyboard player/singer and a drummer.

The band will perform 3×30 minutes or 4×30 minutes (2 hours collective playing time, split accordingly)  of Walkabout Entertainment depending on your exact requirements.  At the start of the evening, they can greet guests with their music at the entrance, then perform at the bar area or buffet area then go from table to table. This form of entertainment guarantees full interaction with the guests.

The walkabout band is self contained and does not require any additional equipment, production or a stage area. There is no requirement for a sound check.

Please enquire for special available deals for daytime appearances and events where the band can perform for just 1×30 minutes.

The band will also conduct a few Oktoberfest Games like Polonaise, Raising the Beer Glass for as long as they can, dancing, clapping and jumping games

Sample Set List

9 Luftballons
Ab in den Süden
Bad Moon Rising
Bett im Kornfeld
Black or white
Anita (Costa Cordalis)
Cotton eye Joe
Die Hände Zum Himmel
Country Roads (Hermes House Band)
Anton aus Tirol (DJ Ötzi)
Hey Baby (DJ-Ötzi)
Dou you love me
Ein Prosit der Gemütlichkeit
Ein Stern (DJ-Ötzi)
Er Gehört Zu Mir
Everybody needs somebody
Fiesta Mexikana
Get the party started
Gimme, Gimme
Griechischer Wein
Highway To Hell
Hit the road, Jack
Hot stuff
I Feel Good
I Love Rock’n’Roll
I´M So Excited
I’ll Survive
It’s Raining Men
Johnny be good
La Bamba
Let me entertain you
Lets Twist Again
Live is Life
Living Next Door To Alice
Mama Mia
Marmor, Stein und Eisen
Que Sera
Relight My Fire
Reet Petite
Jailhouse Rock
Route 66
Shake, rattle & role
Simply The Best
Das Geht Ab
Super Trouper
Sweet Home Alabama
VIVA Colonia
Wahnsinn (.Hölle, Hölle, Hölle)
Walking On Sunshine

The band can be amplified as well, please enquire for details as prices vary  for this due to the (tech ryder) technical requirements.

Legal Requirements for Oompah Band Booking in Singapore

This band can be booked in Singapore on a work pass exempt status


However an online notification will be need to be made on the day of the band arrival



Legal Requirements for Oompah Band Booking in Malaysia

To Book this Band in Malaysia at a public event a minimum of 15 days before the event will be required for the permit application update.  The initial permit application will be made on August 15th for the venues that have booked the band early.

Legal Requirement for Oompah Band Bookings in Indonesia

Similar to Malaysia. Permit application required.


Tips for Throwing an Oktoberfest Party – By Hallie Hammack – Source: http://www.ask.com/explore/tips-throwing-oktoberfest-party

Throwing an Oktoberfest party can be and fun and easy even if you can’t make the trek to Munich. Oktoberfest is an annual celebration held in Munich from late September through the first week of October that attracts over five million revelers every year, making it Germany’s most famous event and the world’s biggest fair. So get in the spirit of the celebrations by throwing an Oktoberfest party for all your friends!


Set the stage for your Oktoberfest party by making sure your guests’ first impression is the right one. Why choose a plain white invitation when there are so many other choices that will convey the jovial nature of the party? Look for invitations that feature beer steins, pretzels or the German flag. Encourage your guests to get into the spirit of the party by addressing each recipient as Herr, Fraulein or Frau — Mr., Ms. and Mrs., respectively.


Oktoberfest is all about community celebration, so if the weather allows, head outside and gather your friends under canopies or around picnic tables. Fire pits are also a great addition to any fall party. Whether you celebrate indoors or out, however, make sure the theme reflects German culture by decorating in white and blue — the official colors of Oktoberfest and the Bavarian flag. Also consider hanging German-themed posters around your home or posting a banner outside so guests know they’re at the right place. Just don’t forget to substitute “Wilkommen!” for the traditional American greeting of “Welcome!”


Nothing adds a sense of fun to a party like seeing all your friends in costume. Encourage your male guests to dress in lederhosen and suspenders, and for women to come as the traditional Bavarian beer gal, complete with blond braids. If your budget allows, buy a number of the green Tyrolean style hats so guests that forget to dress up can still get in on the action.

Food and Drink

The key to any party — and especially Oktoberfest — is having the right food and drink. Wow your guests with a range of traditional German dishes, such as bratwurst, sauerkraut, pretzels and potato pancakes. Finish off the meal with a serving of German chocolate cake, apple strudel or black licorice. Make sure you have plenty of drinks on hand — especially beer — to help guests wash down all the rich German food. Keep your thirsts quenched and add to the decor by setting up a beer tasting station. Stock it with a range of unique beers and start sampling!


Take the time to find the right music for your Oktoberfest party. Download several albums of upbeat and traditional German music and play it on loop throughout the festivities. Don’t forget to include “The Chicken Dance” — it’s the most requested song at Oktoberfest and the dance is simple enough to appeal to even the least-coordinated guest. If you have your heart set on live entertainment, look for a small band that specializes in polka or another form of traditional German music. Remember that these bands are the most in-demand in the weeks surrounding Oktoberfest, so book early.


Current & Past Bookings


Some Highlights of Bavarian Styled Traditional and Contemporary  Oompah Bands Booked via Music for Asia in 2013



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    My Rotary Club is organising a small Oktoberfest party at the Dutch Club in Singapore on Thursday 26 September from 7-10 pm. Estimated number of guests is about 100.

    Will they be in Singapore then? What is the cost for such a performance?

    Thomas Wong

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