The J Band

• Music Genre Chi/Mand/Cant/Eng/Malay Pop/Rock R&B

Ricky – Drummer 1995 to present
• Live and Show Band Performance
• HongKong,Taiwan,Singapore Cruise Jakarta, Genting Penang ,Taiping,Kuantan,Johor,Kuala Lumpur

Mike -Guitarist 2007 to present
• Aloha Kuantan, Taiping, Screwball Penang, Carribean Johor, RallyClub Melaka, Goldhil Club KL Chye9 Sunway, Genting Safari, Sabah KK, Sasa Penang Terminal 1 Kuching, Blaze Pub, Kepong

Darwin -Bassist remarks as above 2007 to present

Zack Keyboardist Performance 1985 to present
• 1985 F. N. G Pub Setiawan, Lumut
• 1986 Champaign NiteClub,Butterworth,
• 1987 Comat Pub,Taiping, 1988 Pot Black Lounge,Penang
• 1989 Warehouse Discotique,Ampang,Kuala Lumpur
• 1990 Traffic Pub,Bukit Bintang,Kuala Lumpur
• 1991 K100 Discotique Yow Chuan Plaza,K Lumpur
• 1992 Kuching Discotique,Kuching
• 1993 Dragon Lounge Karamusing,Kota Kinabalu
• 1994 Pan Pacific Lounge,Pulau Pangkor
• 1995 Mikado Night Club,Kampong Baru Resort,Lumut
• Royal Golf Club,Ipoh Club,Ipoh
• 1995 – 2004,Solo Performance(Pub and Lounge)
• 2005 Sunway Hotel ,Penang,Armada Hotel, Petaling Jaya
• 2006 Park Avenue Hotel,Sungai Petani
• 2009 Freeway,Taiping,Aloha Bistro, Kuantan
• 2010 Sunway,Genting,Sabah KK
• 2011 Sasa Club,Penang,T1 Kuching,Kepong KL


  1. Dear Agent


    Greetings from Haitang Bay Gloria Sanya Hotspring Resort! The only beach front hotel in Sanya, with hot spring water in every room!

    We are looking to recruit a in-house band for our resort.

    Must be Chinese due to VISA restriction.

    Any leads or info will be appreciated

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